Steve & Stacey Sanfilippo

Steve and I met and went on our first date May 25, 2013. It was an amazing evening that neither of us wanted to end. We couldn’t wait to see each other again. It wasn’t long until we were coming up with every excuse in the book to see each other. Everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly.

At one point I sent Steve a message that said, “Is it just me, or do you feel like this situation just has control of itself and we are just along for the ride!?!” We couldn’t have written a better story than the story we were living.

By the fall, the talk of marriage was already on the table. In October, we decided that we would go look at houses and found a neighbourhood we liked called The Sanctuary. On October 25th, we decided to go look at what they had to offer. There was one semi private lot left in the very back of the neighborhood. It was secluded in a corner and would have reserves built on either side and would be the perfect place for us to build a home.

We had visions of us sitting on a back porch enjoying the night sky together. I decided I wanted to go over there at night so we could figure out if the road noise from Kuykendahl would be too much. When we got to the lot, we stood there a minute and just listened to the sounds of the night and started talking about whether or not we were really going to commit to the lot and the home and move forward with our life together.

All of the sudden, Steve dropped down on one knee and reached for his pocket as he was telling me he wanted to spend his life with me and grow old with me and he opened the ring upside down and asked me to marry him. I immediately slammed the ring box closed because I could see that it was upside down and didn’t want it to fall on the ground. Of course I said YES! I told him, “Oh my goodness, Steve, now we have to build this house right here because you just proposed to me in front of an empty lot!”

We made a toast to us and our wonderful future together and then I quickly said, “Let’s get in the car so I can see my ring!” We jumped in the car, and when I saw my beautiful ring in the light, I was in disbelief. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I then hit him with all of the questions. Where did you get this? How long have you had this? I was in such shock. He told me he had it for a little bit and was just looking for the perfect place to propose to me. As soon as he realized we were going to the lot, he made the decision that was going to be his moment.

So the decision was made! We happily went the next day to sign the papers and make the new home build official. When we walked into the model, we announced to the sales guy that we didn’t have a choice but to sign the papers. Of course, he wanted to know why. I looked at him with the biggest smile and said, “Because we got engaged at the lot last night!” The sales guy screamed in excitement. He thought that was the most awesome thing ever!

We now have quite the romantic reputation in the neighbourhood. I am so proud of my ring. It is something I would never have imagined as being mine. My sweet Steve went to Shannon’s without any knowledge of what my likes or dislikes were and picked the most perfect diamond and placed it in the most perfect setting. Steve and I were married December 28, 2013, just seven short months after our first date. We love our life we’ve built together!

-Steve & Stacey Sanfilippo