Steve & Debbie Fischer

In May 2013, my husband and I were visiting our daughter, a member of the US Navy, in Hawaii. Before leaving, we stopped at the Navy Exchange to shop. I went over to the jewelry section and caught sight of a beautiful diamond ring in the A. Jaffe showcase. I quickly asked the sales lady to let me try it on, as my husband gave me the evil eye. As I tried it on, I fell in love with the setting; however, the center diamond was second rate. The store refused to sell the ring except as a whole set and I was unwilling to accept second-best. When I arrived back in Houston, I was able to get a picture of the ring, and using the designer name, I found an authorized dealer, Shannon Fine Jewelry. I thought, “What a great excuse to upgrade my wedding ring since my 35th wedding anniversary would be May 26, 2014.”

In June 2013, I mentioned to a friend of mine what I was trying to do and that I had been to Shannon’s but wasn’t having much luck. She immediately said, “Talk to John! He’ll help you. We go there all the time.” I decided to venture back out, but when I arrived, John was busy but a very nice lady by the name of Debbie Marshall asked if she could help. At first I was discouraged that I would never find the ring until Debbie took such interest and said, “Let’s look online, we have a sales rep from A. Jaffe that might be able to help.” I gave her all the information I had about the ring. The next day, she called and said she had been in contact with A. Jaffe and had sent a picture and information. Within a few days, they sent a picture over but it was not the same ring.

Debbie Marshall, again, went back to A. Jaffe and after speaking to several sales reps, was able to find my dream ring. The bad news was that they had discontinued it. Debbie explained to the sales rep that I was very interested in the ring, and with her charm and persistence, was able to convince the designer to bring out the mold and make another ring.

On several occasions, we met with Debbie after hours to try and find the perfect center stone. We went back and forth, Debbie constantly looking at inventory to help find the perfect stone to complete my dream ring. Finally, Debbie called and said, “I think I have a stone that you will really like.” We went back to Shannon’s and made a decision on our center stone.

In September 2013, the ring had arrived exactly the way we wanted. I was very anxious wondering if this ring would be the same, yet better than I had previously seen in Hawaii. I knew I had better like it or I may not make it to my 35th anniversary. When my husband and I arrived at the store to pick it up, Debbie brought out the ring and I just cried. It was more BEAUTIFUL than the one I had seen in Hawaii. Everything was perfect! We only had one problem, I had this new white gold wedding ring and my husband was still wearing his yellow gold nugget ring. Immediately, I said “Honey, we have to get you a new ring to match mine”. As you probably can tell, he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he agreed to look. Again, we turned to Debbie, who with such patience and enthusiasm was more than happy to move over to the men’s wedding ring case.

Since this was the first place we had actually looked for a man’s wedding band, we looked around and decided to do some comparison shopping. After looking around at other jewelry stores, we found that for the price and quality, Shannon’s was the place to buy. So, in September we both had our new rings.

Thinking we were done, I turned to my husband and said “what shall we do with our old rings? I decided I wanted to break them apart and make each of my three daughters a pendant. He agreed and we both turned to Debbie and said, “Can you please help us once again?”

In December 2013, the pieces were finally complete, each made with a unique setting from our wedding rings from the past 34 years. On Christmas Eve, each of our girls opened up their Shannon’s gift box and were so surprised to see the beautiful piece that was taken from the wedding rings of their parents and made into pendants.

It is because of the dedication, talent and patience of Debbie and Shannon Fine Jewelry that helped make all this possible for me, my husband, and all our girls. Even though it was a little early, in April 2014, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows and had our rings blessed. On May 26, 2014 we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary back in Hawaii.

Thank you Debbie Marshall and Shannon Fine Jewelry, your fine craftsmanship will always be with our whole family!

-Steve & Debbie