Deri Adair

Approximately 10+ years ago, my husband visited Shannon Fine Jewelry to purchase an engagement ring for me. I told him I would not go ring shopping with him, but gave him an idea of what I was wanting. He went in and talked to one of the gentlemen there who helped him design my engagement ring.

My idea had been to have a solitaire in the middle with his birthstone on one side and mine on the other. What they put together was even more beautiful than I had imagined; there was a solitaire in the middle, my birthstone on either side of the solitaire and his birthstone on either side of mine. I have seen a lot of pretty engagement rings, but in my mind, none is prettier than mine simply because of the time that my husband took working with Shannon Fine Jewelry to design the perfect one. It is the most precious piece of jewelry that I own!

Thank you Shannon Fine Jewelry, for not only helping my husband design this ring, but also for creating a lifetime memory that I will forever cherish!

-Deri Adair