Cerise Arbour

I have always, I mean always, since I was a little girl, been fascinated with jewels, the art of jewelry and its creation.

The consignment case at Shannon’s is extraordinary! It is a treasure trove of stories. When I glance into those cases, I think about each piece’s history, its tale of how it came to be, and who it was purchased for. I consider the lovely pieces I’ve seen through the years and wonder what that husband, lover, friend, or father was thinking when he presented such a gift.

I have a real passion for the lovely gems the earth and oceans yield and to the skilled dreamers and designers who put them together for our enjoyment. My husband told me, “Honey, if you win I know that is just a down payment on something. I know you.” After 30 years, he finally knows me!

To close this story, my experiences with Shannon’s over many years has been welcoming and satisfying. For Mother’s Day my husband took me in to buy the Bellari piece with matching earrings that I had been eyeing for some time! I felt like the luckiest woman in the world! The day my husband bought it, we brought it home and my best friend came over. I demanded she try it on and it looked so beautiful on her that she wore it the whole day just so I could look at it. It was probably one of the best days ever I spent with my friend. We shared many laughs and lots of stories. She was so grateful to wear something so lovely even though it was only for a day. Her smile will remain in my heart forever.

Thank you Shannon’s for making my life more beautiful than ever.