Carol Redwine

A big ole green emerald stone, started our life as part of the Shannon Fine Jewelry Family.

You see, spotting fine jewelry runs in our DNA, passed down to the four girls from our mom.

At the time, my sister, Barbara, was a teacher at Kingwood High School and spotted the ring on Gary’s sister, a Principal at Kingwood High School. She casually mentioned we should go visit her brother who owned a jewelry store in the Champions area, Shannon’s, named after his daughter.

14 years later, after many wonderful memories, and even more wonderful purchases, the four sisters tell anyone we see about Shannon’s when they notice the gorgeous jewelry we wear. We have all had rings custom made, earrings re-designed, stones ordered, and personal visits just for that special piece.

Our niece, Katy, wore earrings from Shanon’s for her wedding two years ago that her mom flew in from St. Louis to purchase. Several of my co-workers have purchased anniversary presents for their wives, re-designed their wedding rings, and recently created a custom piece for a cherished diamond for our finance manager. After 35 years of marriage, Shannon’s picked out a ring for a co-workers anniversary present that she refuses to take off because she loves it so much. Several years ago, when it was time for my mom’s jewelry to be passed down to her four girls, Shannon’s appraised all of her pieces, updating several to more modern settings and purchased her gold, which allowed us to put the money right back into other pieces from Shannon’s. We trust Shannon’s 100% to work on our heirloom pieces, design new pieces, order stones, and appraise for insurance purposes to insure their safety. If you are not purchasing from their consignment cases, taking advantage of their expert jewelry advice, lay-a-way, or Wells Fargo Credit, then you are missing out on a huge joy that we have all experienced for the last 14 years!

Thanks for everything you have done for the four sisters!

-Carol Redwine