Bill and Pat Wampler

You know, I love to see the sparkle in my wife’s eyes when we enter Shannon Fine Jewelry. She carefully grazes over the counters of beautiful diamonds, rubies, topazes, gold and platinum. This isn’t her story, though. It’s mine.

I’m the husband. I’m skeptical. I’m economical (tight with a nickel). On my most recent visit to Shannon’s, I brought two “priceless” rings to be sized. They were inherited from my stepfather who died suddenly in a terrible accident one year ago. I’d wanted to wear them immediately, but he was a tall, sturdy man, and the gorgeous rings were far too large for me.

I had scouted other jewelry stores, but I simply didn’t feel comfortable with them. Some wanted me to leave the rings for more than 3 weeks to size them, others wanted extremely expensive prices to do the work, and some, sadly, mishandled the rings while inspecting them.

Move forward a year to a serendipitous meeting with Claude and Debra Deshazo of Shannon Fine Jewelry. They were tender in their understanding of the value of my rings. They assured me that they could size the rings. They could do it within 3 days. THREE days… it was ready July 3, the day before the fourth of July holiday.

And then they said something that I thought was interesting: “You won’t recognize them when you get them back.” I thought that meant that they would be sized perfectly, professionally. But I was wrong.

When my wife and I picked up the rings, the salesperson carefully unfolded them from protective wrappings and placed them on my fingers. My jaw dropped to the floor, I swear. Not only did they size my rings in such a short period. (They fit perfectly, and I had a brief overwhelming rush of emotions.) But also, they shined. Maybe shine is the wrong word: dazzled, twinkled, sparkled… diamonds glittering, reflecting all over the walls. The gold of the rings were fresh and exciting, sending angular reflections all about the counter. And when I turned to my wife to express my delight, I saw the reflections of the diamonds mirror in her twinkling eyes. Again, overwhelmed, I kissed her, took her out for dinner and margaritas, and sat marveling the amazing transformation of my rings by Shannon Fine Jewelry.

We’ll visit soon and often to Shannon’s because the array of beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and pins will work perfectly for all of our birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, especially Christmas! Shannon’s cases actually GLOW. The jewelry is so beautiful! And so is my wife!

-Bill and Pat Wampler