Each couple shares a unique love, so it makes sense to select a diamond engagement ring. It is the perfect way to commemorate the most important step of a relationship. At Shannon Fine Jewelry, we have the knowledge and experience to bring you a special and meaningful symbol of your love.


Many brides select plain metal bands with solitaire stones. For more exciting flair, you may wish to consider an ornate setting. Filigree designs are popular and resemble heirloom and antique pieces that have been shared through generations of love. Scroll, leaf, and other patterns fill the bands and offer looks that stand out from the crowd.

A halo setting, for example, is beautiful and unique. It features a large diamond in the center that is framed with smaller diamonds. The band is lined with diamonds as well.


A diamond is the traditional stone used in engagement ring settings. To mix things up, it may be fun to choose a square or pear shaped stone. These are more interesting than conventional round solitaires. Scattering small accent stones throughout the ring will add unique touches as well.

Contemporary Trends

Modern engagement rings contain soft curves or straight lines. Many have bezel settings that make the stones seem like they are floating. Some feature channel set diamonds that give clean and brilliant appearances. Rose gold bases offset and complement the contemporary designs as well.

We offer a large selection of engagement rings. Our inventory includes classic solitaires and more customized designs so that your ring is as vibrant as you are. Our experts will help you select a sparkling bauble that makes you fall head-over-heels again. Please visit us at one of our convenient locations. We provide finely crafted pieces that will showcase your love for a lifetime.